Talking Points from 2nd ODI

A fabulous and exhilarating match, it has shown many positives for England. It has also provided quite a few things that will need to be though out over the next few months before the summer, with the side's rotation policy not making many places set in stone. Thankfully, an easy win in the end, with six overs to spare.

Beaming Bairstow

Obviously one of the main talking points from this match was the innovative and intense century from Jonny Bairstow. Somebody who was, to say the very least, out of form, he has built off his 94 on Tuesday, and converted it into a fabulous hundred.

It has still not answered to question to Bairstow's test status, with overs 15-25 being particularly aggressive. In Bairstow's defence, however, he took his time and waited to pounce off the bad balls (a plenty by India today.) He'll be looking to comfortably average over 100 this ODI series.

Well played Jonny.

Atrocious Curran's

Not either of the brother's finest hours today, with Sam going for 47 off just 7 overs and Tom going for 83 off the maximum of 10. The Bairstow and Stokes' partnership denied either of them a chance to bat, which is about 30 percent of why Sam is in the team, and approximately 20 or so percent for Tom (not forgetting his scoop shot over his head for four against Hasan Ali in 2018). I

n my humble opinion, keep both of them in the side for the next ODI, as it's not the end of the world if England win or lose the series, but more important to see if either or both should play in the 2021 T20 World Cup or in the plethora of England's ODI and T20 games this season.

Stokes the Warrior

99 off 52 balls. Absolutely ridiculous. During almost all of his innings, he looked like he was having a range-hitting net session against medium-pace dopplers. A lucky run-out survival, but I wouldn't complain. Absolute brutality, not big swings of the bat where you throw everything but the kitchen sink, but a fully controlled innings, slog sweeps and finesse shots a plenty. Not meant to be for his first hundred since the summer of 2017, but one of the most entertaining innings you'll ever see in your life. No celebration walking off, more likely deep-set anger.

Kohli's Body Language

Something that has been spoken about in the last ODI and in the test matches, Virat Kohli, has not been afraid to show his emotions on the field. In the last ODI, he had a heated exchange with the umpire, which the details of which were never fully released. For a country that has close to 1.4 billion people, the vast, vast majority of which think of Virat Kohli as a "cult leader" type, this is not the kind of example that he would want to be setting for people young and old in India and all over the world.

The Domino Effect

285-2. 287-3. 287-4. Nothing less than an unacceptable fall of wickets, with England crusing to victory, being an understatement.

This is something that the England team really have to work on, the mental side of the game and how to recover from losing a big wicket. Eoin Morgan being a strong and positive leader, it was a disadvantage as Morgan was injured (webbing split on fingers). It doesn't exactly strengthen Buttler's case to be white ball captain once Morgan has retired, either from captaincy or the game in total. This problem is not specific for England but one that needs to be addressed for most international and domestic sides over the world.

Livingstone's Cameo

A lucky man, even to get a bat today, where England were 285-1 after 30 overs, but helped to guide England over the finish line. Not sure if there is a place for him in the side however, as he doesn't seem to have the level of maturity to play in the medium-length format of the game. Possibly the answer in years to come for ODI's and perhaps even solve the number three in test problem. His time on strike along with his strike rate died down towards the end of his innings, where he could have possibly ticked the scoreboard along a tad more, (being picky). A strong performance from a strong Northern lad, certainly shows signs of promise in the medium-term.


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