My Favourite Player Series - Joe Root, by Sharin Mahra

*My favourite player series is where we ask you to tell us who your favourite player is, why they're your favourite player and your best memory. This is a brand new series that is open to anyone and everyone, so if you're interested, get in touch on Twitter. Without further ado here is Sharin Mahra with his favourite player. Make sure you follow Sharin on Twitter @SauceLikeGini

England cricket has produced some of the best cricketers the game has ever seen, one of those being my favourite player of all time, the current Test captain Joe Root. Why is he my favourite you ask?

Well for starters its clear to see the love he has for the game, through the passion he shows when he’s on the field of play or when he’s giving interviews, that for me is the main thing in sport.

Root is also an extraordinary batsman, highly regarded as one of the best the country has ever produced and has recently shown that he’s a more than capable bowler.

Another reason why I fell in love with Rooty is because of that cheeky smile when he’s playing, I mean how could you not love it? He enjoys himself on that pitch and brings energy and enthusiasm in abundance. He’s also got a very attitude and is a hard worker, he has worked his way to the test captaincy for England, and for my money hard work is one of the best traits any sports performer can have.

My favourite moment for Joe Root must be that series win at South Africa in 2020. Joe’s always had plenty of eyes on him because that’s what captaincy brings, however coming into that 4 match test series the pressure on Rooty had never been greater, especially after the English failed to bring back the Ashes in summer and a poor series in New Zealand despite a double hundred from Mr Root.

Joe Root’s men found themselves 1-0 down in that series after a dominant display from the South Africans. After this test, plenty were calling for the head of Joe Root, but the next 3 tests went perfectly for Joe, he came into his own as a leader, using his bowlers and his field plans excellently. This led to Root winning over many fans and therefore is my favourite moment, even though he had that 200 vs Pakistan or the world cup win.


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