My Favourite Player Series - Graham Thorpe, by @Cricketjim84

*My favourite player series is where we ask you to tell us who your favourite player is, why they're your favourite player and your best memory. This is a brand new series that is open to anyone and everyone, so if you're interested, get in touch on Twitter. Without further ado here is Cricket Jim with his favourite player. Make sure you follow him on Twitter @Cricketjim84

Asked when who my all-time favourite England Cricketer is, is a difficult question, it varies from day to day, whether it's Atherton, Cook, Bresnan or the other scores of players I could mention. However, on this day when asked, the answer was Graham Thorpe.

Some background about myself, I'm a Yorkshireman, a Yorkshire CCC supporter so thus Thorpe might be an odd choice and historically, the Brown Caps aren't very popular up in the Shires. However I was born in 1984, my Cricket viewing took hold at a similar time to when his career was taking off (That amazing, defiant Hundred at Trent Bridge against the conquering Aussies) I remember being on a family holiday to Center Parcs in 1994 doing a Cricket day and despite being Right-handed, all I wanted to do was be Graham Thorpe, so I batted left-handed (didn't end well!)

Being a England Cricket fan at this time was not easy at all, we regularly got beaten by, well everyone, however, the one consistent player was always Thorpe, from his majestic 100 at the Kensington Oval (1998), or the beautifully weighted 100 in Lahore (2000) to his swashbuckling 200 in Christchurch (2002) the latter of which was during a period of personal problems where the Tabloids put the guy under so much unneeded pressure.

My favourite memory though isn't a hundred, or a diving slip catch, no, it's the 64* in Karachi, which set England up to an era-defining victory, from that point we were no longer useless, we had achieved something so special and as a 16-year-old watching it, I've never forgotten it and I still watch it now.

Best 64* in Cricket history


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