India vs England 4th test #insideedgepicks

Welcome to this 4th test selection for inside edge picks. England are staring down the barrel of a 3-1 loss having been beaten by 10 wickets in the second test. Lets see who the writers picked

Snicked behind @snickedbehindATC

Burns, Sibley, Crawley, Root, Foakes, Stokes, Pope, Lawrence, Virdi, Wood, Leach

It's going to be another turner. We're almost certain to get battered. Why not bat until number 8. I dont think you can pick Bess after being dropped, Virdi is given cap 698. Leach, Wood and Virdi to take all 20 Indian wickets for 150 runs. You heard it here first. Oh and Jonny Bairstow the man who claimed he was as good as Matt Prior and a proven test batsmen? After the horror show of his performance in the last test, has played his last test for me.

Foakes bats 5 as he seems with Root our best player of spin.

David Wyatt-Hupton @Insideedgecrick @DWyatHuption

Burns, Sibley, Crawley, Root, Stokes, Pope, Lawrence, Foakes, Bess, Leach, Archer

Apparently this is going to be another turner. So I'm going batting heavy to try and get some runs on the board. Seamers haven't played much of a role so far and it is turns, they won't again. So I've got Archer and Stokes handling the bit of seam if needed and then the spinners of Leach, Bess and Root. I'm bringing Lawrence back in and batting him lower, would like to get him more experience. I don't think England will go this route, but what we've done the last two tests hasn't worked, so I'm trying something different here

Rob Rush @RobRush02

Burns, Sibley, Crawley, Root, Stokes, Lawrence, Foakes, Leach, Parkinson, Virdi, Stone

After the controversy of the last “Test” match, I’ve decided to go a bit for a mix and match approach to this encounter, with the return of some familiar faces and some new faces being blooded.

For the batting, Bairstow is discarded again (hopefully for the last time in Test cricket) and Rory Burns returns to partner Dom Sibley at the top of the order, with Crawley shuffling down to his regular place of number 3. My other change is bringing Dan Lawrence back at the unfortunate expense of Ollie Pope. This is purely on the basis that Lawrence can’t do any worse than Pope, having seen the performances of the first 3 Tests. Plus, Lawrence will be batting in his more comfortable position in the middle order, so he will be giving us a more representative image of what he can do in the subcontinent.

In the bowling unit, it is all change, bar one stalwart of these subcontinent tours in Jack Leach. He’s excelled in these last 5 games and rightfully reclaimed the number 1 spinner shirt ahead of Dom Bess. I have decided to freshen things up in the spin department and gone with Amar Virdi and Matty Parkinson to make their Test debuts. If you had offered any England fan 2-2 ahead of this tour, they would have snapped your hand off. I believe after the shambles of the last Test and England monumentally messing up the bowling attack, that they give Parkinson and Virdi a chance, as this pitch will be spinning again (shock horror) and we need as many spin options as possible to give us a chance of drawing the series. Dom Bess is a no go as he has been dropped, opening the door for the two debutants. As for the pace option, Olly Stone gets another shot after his impressive performance with the ball in the 2nd Test, beating Wood and Archer to the spot. Anderson and Broad should not be considered for this Test IMO. Just wrap them up in cotton wool ahead of a packed home summer, where they will need to be on song.

Samuel Bruning @SamuelBruning

Sibley, Crawley, Stokes, Root (c), Lawrence, Pope, Foakes (wk), Bess, Leach, Stone, Anderson

Honestly, I had no clue what to do. Bairstow is out, having been messed around by England, but not being good enough anyway. At three, I had no clue what to do, so I throw Stokes up there, because he won't be bowling anyway, and he might enjoy getting an over of pace, before Ashwin comes on! Lawrence then comes back in to a more natural position at 5, and I stick with Pope, as both are young, and I want to give them chances.

Bowling wise, Bess returns. I decided against debuting Virdi, as I don't want to ruin him by letting him get the England classic: "last test of a series debut a spinner and never see them again treatment", and Parkinson hasn't played red ball in ages, so he can't come in. Bess is a decent bowler, so hopefully he goes well. If not, Root is a back-up option, as we've seen. Anderson (control) and Stone (pace) get the quick nods, but I don't think they'll be needed.

This team won't win, and whatever XI England go for, I doubt it'll make a difference. Ignore the pitch, umpires, etc, India are too good at home. Honestly, only losing 3-1 will be an achievement.

Tom @cricthoughts

Sibley, Burns, Crawley, Root (c), Stokes, Pope, Foakes (wk), Bess, Leach, Archer, Stone

Bairstow is dropped for an appalling showing in the third test. I would be surprised if England were actually to make such a kneejerk swap but for me playing a reckless sweep first ball in a crucial third innings means I drop him. Burns comes back in almost as a lack of other options as I have more faith in him than Lawrence and wouldn’t want to debut Bracey yet. Pope really needs a score. Regardless of what happens in this game I believe he needs to go and make plenty of runs in the County Championship before his next England game. I would play Bess although I’m unsure if England will. I would find it quite hard to ask Virdi or Parkinson to debut in the circumstances. Bess bowled poorly on the most difficult wicket to bowl on this tour. Had he played either of the last two games, what’s there to say he wouldn’t have taken a bagful of wickets? Stone plays as well, Broad and Anderson bowled very few overs therefore could play, but I am interested to see how England’s attack could look like in the future. Stone and Archer could be vital in the Ashes come November so am interested to see how they go in tandem.

Duke and Kookabura @d_ketalksballs

Sibley, Crawley, Foakes, Root, Stokes, Pope, Lawrence, Bess, Leach, Stone, Archer

I've decided to delve into the funky and have picked Foakes to bat #3 (my original pick Woakes has flown home) for twin reasons: no one wants to bat there and Foakes has been stranded with the tail in the last two games so this will give him a chance to bat time; I do realise this is the definition of an opportunity cloaked in difficulty.

The Bess recall is almost guaranteed given the selectorial mishaps of the previous Test and the definite requirement for at least two spinners in India. Stone impressed in his one off appearance and pairing him with Archer gives our attack a look of contrasts which should stand us in good stead. Again, thinking long term we need to evaluate the quicks with other overseas assignments in mind.


Very different XIs from our writing team. What do you think @insideedgecrick on twitter


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