How to get your Cricket fix, during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

The Coronavirus has brought the sporting world to a stand-still. The Governing bodies have made the important and correct call to cancel all sporting events for the foreseeable future. With the virus only likely to get worse, I would be surprised if we get much cricket over the coming months. If you're reading this, I'm going to presume that your a cricket fanatic who's already starting to struggle with no live entertainment.

To help you get your cricket fix, I thought I'd suggest some alternatives to live cricket that could help scratch that persistent cricket itch. If you have any additions, stick them in the comments and I'll add them to the list:

Cricket Documentaries

1) The Test: A New Era for Australia's Team

This is a really superb documentary series from Amazon. Detailing the Australian cricket teams journey following the sandpaper incident in South Africa. Caution: You could end up liking one or two members of the team. Inside Edge Cricket is not liable for any emotional stress this may cause you.

2) Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians

If you're an IPL fan, you'll absolutely love this. This Netflix documentary follows the Mumbai Indians through their 2018 season. The trials and tribulations of an IPL team is an interesting subject to watch unfold.

3) Out of the Ashes

Available on Amazon, this documentary details the rise of the Afghanistan cricket team as they try and qualify for the world-cup. With the back-drop of war and poverty, this is a really interesting watch whether you're a cricket fan or not.

4) Death of a Gentleman

Also available on Prime. Death of a Gentleman takes a detailed look at the power held by the three big nations (ECB, CA and BCCI) and how they run the game and rule over the associate nations.

5) Fire in Babylon

If you're of a certain generation, you would have grown up with the dominance of the West Indies cricket team of the late 1970's, through the 1980's. This documentary focuses in on those teams among the social struggle that was going on.

6) Bodyline: It's not just Cricket

Available to watch on YouTube. One of the most talked about ASHES series of all-time. The 1932/33 England tour of Australia, where England captain Douglas Jardine devised a plan to stop Don Bradman by bowling short and into the body.

7) India v Pakistan: A Bat Ball War

Available for free on Daily Motion, this is one of the most underrated documentaries out there. Following the Pakistan test touring team of 1999, as they head over the border to face India among fierce rivalry and pollical tension.

8) Not Cricket: The Basil d'Oliveira Conspiracy

A really interesting look at the life of Basil d'Oliveira, growing up under apartheid and then the controversial England tour of South Africa in 1968, a tour which saw Basil omitted due to his skin colour, at the behest of the South African government.

9) The Warrior Prince - Sourav Ganguly

This is available to watch now on YouTube. This is exactly what it says, a look at the former India captain Sourav Ganguly through his remarkable career.

10) The Edge

Perfect for any England cricket fan, detailing the sides rise from the depths of the test rankings to be crowned #1 in the World. It's a riveting humorous look at a team packed full of talent.

Cricket Books

1) Cricket 2.0: Inside the T20 Revolution

One of my favourite cricket books. Tim Wigmore and Freddie Wilde do such a superb job of documenting the rise of T20 cricket around the world. I recently reviewed this book HERE.

2) The Test

Nathan Leamon turns his attention to fiction writing and it's a huge success. The story follows Mac, as he leads England in their quest for the ASHES. It's a work of fiction but it has the feel or a non-fiction, which is exactly what you'd want. My Review HERE

3) No Spin

Autobiographies are really hit and miss, but Shane Warne's was definitely a hit. It's a refreshingly honest account of his life, his glories and his mistakes. He drove me mad as fan with his habit of taking important England wickets, but this is first class.

4) Thanks to Cricket

If you love county cricket, then you'll love this book by former Yorkshire Post cricket correspondent J.M Kilburn as he documents cricket over the course of his career. From the 20's where county cricket rained supreme through to the 60's and 70's and the decline in attendances. My review HERE.

5) The Art of Captaincy

Mike Brearly is arguably England's greatest captain. It's an incredible insight into the art of captaincy, and Brearly really does make it an art. It details the tactics, the tricks and the phycological task of leading men in a game of cricket. One of the best cricket books out there for my money.

6) The Cricket War

The best cricket writer full stop, Gideon Haigh is always worth a read. This follows the establishment of Kerry Packer's world series of cricket, why it changed cricket, the appeal of the contest and the revolution of the showpiece.

7) Australia 55: A Journal of the MCC Tour

This superb book details England's tour of Australia in 1954/55 under the captaincy of Len Hutton. It's a detailed look at the games, recounting all the tests, including the tense 2nd test in Sydney, but it also shows an insight in the English mindset.

8) Beyond a Boundary

A look at race, politics, economics and how cricket is a microcosm of life. CLR James' writing is incredibly detailed and multi-dimensional, cricket in the West Indies is an interesting subject as it can never be viewed in isolation as just a sport. One to savour.

9) Geoff Boycott: A Cricketing Hero

Boycott is a very interesting individual, at times I think author Leo McKinstry is a Boycott apologist, but it does cover a lot of unsavoury ground and gives airtime to people who may not have been his biggest fan. Regardless of if you like him or not, he was one hell of a run-scorer.

10) Moeen

I tend to have a problem with autobiographies that are published during a career. You know that they won't be able to be as open as they could be about current teammates, however I thoroughly enjoyed Moeen's for the detail in his progress from street cricket to international cricket.

Re-Live The Game

Below we're going to post up some highlights for some games that we think are worth watching over and over again.

2019 World Cup Final: New Zealand vs England

2019 - ASHES - England vs Australia, Headingly

1981 - ASHES - England vs Australia, Headingly

2005 - ASHES - England vs Australia, Edgbaston

2000 - England vs Pakistan, Karachi

2006 - England vs India, Mumbai

2018 - England vs Australia, ODI Record, Trent Bridge

1956 - ASHES - England vs Australia, Old Trafford

2010 - Ashes - England vs Australia, MCG

1998 - England vs South Africa, Trent Bridge

2015 - ASHES - England vs Australia, Trent Bridge

2009 - ASHES - England vs Australia, Cardiff

Cricket Board Games

Getting a little more niche now, but who doesn't love a good board game? If you're going to be self isolating, there are only so many rounds of Scrabble and Monopoly you're going to be able to handle. So we've picked out five cricket board games to get your cricket fix:

LBW - Cricket Card Game

Cricket World Cup Board Game

Cricket Stars Top Trumps

Test Match Board Game

Owzthat! The Traditional Cricket Game

If there is anything else you can think of that you think needs adding to the list. Pop it in the comments, we'll be updating this page continuously. So keep checking back.

Cricket Podcasts

1) All About The Balls

I can't start this section without mentioning our friends over at AATB. The guys have recently started segmenting their shows into different sports, so you can now just tune in for cricket chat, or football chat or rugby chat, or even a little Aussie Rules. It's basically the same chat you'd have with your mates down the pub, which is exactly why it's a must-listen.

2) Edges & Sledges

This is one of my favourite podcasts out there. It's mainly focused on the India cricket team, but it also covers all the important topics of the day. The guys are great to listen to, you can see they all live and breath the game and I find it interesting to hear some differing opinions on the England cricket team when it comes up.

3) The Analyst

I could listen to this podcast every single day. Simon Hughes and Simon Mann are really engaging commentators to listen to, and they cover a lot of domestic cricket which is great for the county fans out there. They recently did a show on cricket commentary which was really insightful. You can't go wrong with this one.

4) Sky Sports Cricket Podcast

This is always a good listen, and it has a huge back catalogue of interesting episodes. The captain log's series is really insightful and I'd really recommend digging out the Ricky Ponting episode. This will keep you going for a little while.

5) The Armchair Cricket Podcast

This is a relatively new listen for me, but that just means I have 79 episodes to enjoy. This is for the test cricket enthusiasts, and the discussion is always quite insightful and thoughtful and you can't help but debate along. It's a weekly podcast and it should be on every cricket fans phone.


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